leadership development

Leadership Development

Every leader has great potential, which is why I provide customised leadership training programs to develop their communication skills, productivity and performance, team leadership, self-motivation and accountability.

In today’s business environment, where pressure and stress abound, little time is spent empowering your people to be resilient. You may find poor communication practices, dysfunctional teams, low staff retention or high sick days are on the rise. You may be navigating significant disruption caused by change.

I’m here to support your leaders and their teams to maintain proficiency in volatility. Through 1:1 coaching programs and customised leadership programs, we can start driving positive performance. My team effectiveness coaching programs inspire new ways of thinking about high performance, team management, diversity’s impact on behaviour and more. We’ll enhance achievement thinking, workplace relationships, and build skills in self-coaching and crucial conversations.



As part of their strategy for diversification and growth, this health service provider identified the need for a program of learning to support leaders. I was tasked by the organisation to design a leadership development program that aligned to Health Workforce Australia’s LEADS Leadership Framework, and then to deliver it to managers across the business.


  • Change was a key organisational need for business growth
  • Leadership capability to support changing environments; restructures, expansion of business, redundancies
  • Previous education and competency of leadership did not align to the health LEADS framework

The program developed built on the LEADS Leadership Framework, adding modules on leadership, resilience, emotional intelligence, effective change management and crucial conversations, which are essential in a fast-paced and stressful environment. It identified five competence areas, allowing managers to systematically lead staff and manage processes in a change environment.

An evaluation showed increased engagement by managers and enhanced effectiveness in communicating change. Managers were more resilient; they demonstrated broader, more strategic thinking and managed risk more effectively. The program won Best Staff Capability Development Program category at the Ageing Asia Eldercare Innovation awards.


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