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Hi, I’m Terry-Lyn, a leadership development specialist and executive coach. I offer a boutique consulting service for businesses and individuals looking to advance their people, performance and workplace culture.

Since 2002 I’ve come alongside corporates and SMEs to grow leadership capabilities and thriving cultures. My approach is simple, customised and real. I provide facilitation, training and coaching programs that make a genuine difference to the financial performance of businesses and the individuals within them.

Your people will be empowered to lead effectively, authentically and with influence; your workplace will flourish with high-performing teams that drive the right outcomes. I also work with individuals experiencing personal transition and seeking self-improvement; my 1:1 coaching programs are tailored to individual needs. I’m dedicated to seeing you and your business grow in a healthy, vigorous way.

As humans, we need to grow. It’s healthy for our minds and wellbeing. I’ve often wondered why some of us shy away from change and growth. It can be empowering. It helps us thrive. We all have the right to flourish. What holds you back?



In an era of rapid expansion, this window-manufacturing company identified the need for organisational culture change in order to
support-and survive-growth.


  • Engagement results low
  • Low productivity and efficiency
  • Differences in workplace culture across the business
  • Improvement required in human resource management, selection and placement
  • Sick leave high and poor morale

I was briefed to develop a top-down leadership development program that would embed high performance into the organisational culture. The first step was gaining insights into the existing culture using the Organisational Culture Inventory and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory (OCI and OEI) tools. Next, I worked with the senior executive team to design a strategy to improve the causal factors of business performance. I delivered the Developing Leadership Program at the executive level, which pulled the levers for change. The program was then rolled out to other levels of management and across departments including sales, operations, IT and HR, and into the factories themselves.

The program included ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure continuous improvement over a 4-year period. Feedback from the remeasure of the OCI, OEI and Lifestyle Inventory (LSI) reports showed that it increased productivity and efficiency; improved systems and processes; improved culture; and increased empowerment and employee involvement.

  • Engagement is consistently over 85%
  • Less turnover across the business
  • Improved systems and processes
  • Improved workplace culture, increased empowerment and
    employee involvement
  • Improved human resource management, selection and placement
  • Increased profits over 5-year period

Four years on, the business had grown from 400 to 600 employees and turnover had increased from $64 million to more than $100 million. In 2018 it was sold to an American company on the New York Stock exchange to expand business globally.