Culture Transition

Culture Transition

True culture runs deep. It’s the stuff you can’t fake, and it governs the way your people work and interact. Good culture inspires engaged, proactive, motivated teams that are supported, challenged and stretched. Poor culture manifests in silos, bad customer service, high absenteeism, and low initiative, accountability and responsibility.

I support your business to develop a positive culture that promotes profitable growth. Through coaching and training programs you will strengthen team dynamics, reduce conflict, increase productivity and improve revenue for the long term.

Culture transition takes time, energy and commitment—its success depends on your dedication. I customise programs to your business needs and focus on the holistic wellbeing of your people so they can flourish with confidence.



This division of a global flavour and fragrance manufacturing company faced closure within 12 months.

A core challenge was the company’s culture: people had been there too long, complacency was rife, thinking was conventional and the business was not profitable and was going to close. The reputation of the business among its leaders was ‘you stay here to retire’.

I was initially engaged to coach one member of the executive, which then led to a program of leadership growth for the full executive team and their line managers. I worked with the executive team to develop and facilitate the 2014–2016 strategy for culture change, then took line

managers through the Flourishing Leadership Program. In 2017, we continued to build capability, with all managers completing the Essential Coaching Skills Program that helps leaders develop and grow their staff at all levels. The outcomes were remarkable:

  • Initial growth after just one year showed the culture change was effective: profit increased from 2% over target to 48%.
  • Between 2017 and 2018, the business expanded to New Zealand
  • The most striking change has been the new culture of accountability among the leadership of the company to drive business
  • Monitoring demonstrates that engagement is over 85%, with a high-performing culture, increased productivity and efficiency among staff


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