tery-lyn stevens

Flourish in Wellbeing

I believe people are incredibly resourceful. Part of my role is to draw out all they can be, particularly in challenging times. That’s the purpose of my Flourish in Wellbeing Program—to support you through major change or personal transition.

You may be struggling with a lack of purpose, altered family circumstances, or looking to reenter the workforce after significant time away. Together, we’ll work on self-esteem, confidence and any negative underlying thoughts or habits that prevent you from fully engaging your potential.

The program comprises 12 monthly 1:1 coaching sessions that build on Dr Martin Seligman’s five core elements of wellbeing: positive emotion, positive engagement, positive relationships, positive meaning and positive achievement. You will examine your strengths and thought patterns, learn to focus on the future, develop a resilient mindset and take action to improve your happiness and wellbeing.


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